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I'm a geek who wants to be an artist. I tend to get interested in lots of things. I'm looking for ways to create something beautiful and do some good in the world. My favourite side is the one that comes out when i'm passionate and full of ideas.
80s music, alcor, algorithms, animation, atheism, backrubs, baklava, basil, ben folds, berkeley, bioinformatics, biology, blake's 7, brights, butterflies, calligraphy, canada, capabilities, cats, cheese, cheeseboard pizza, civil liberties, co-ops, compassion, computational biology, computer graphics, computer science, computer security, correct spelling, creative commons, cryonics, cuddling, cwsf, dar williams, democracy, design, dirty hippies, doctor who, drawing, economics, education, electronic music, engineering, environmentalism, fawlty towers, feminism, film, firedancing, fonts, food, foresight, free software, free speech, games, geeks, gender equality, go, godel escher bach, granola, graphic design, hayao miyazaki, history of computing, howard dean, hugs, human rights, human-computer interaction, hypertext, ice cream, idealism, imagination, imo, industrial design, information society, information visualization, intentional communities, interface design, introspection, invisibility, jazz, jazz piano, kingman hall, kissing, languages, laughing, learning, linguistics, liysf, love, macintosh, manitoba, martin gardner, massages, mathematics, minimalism, modern art, modern dance, monty python, movies, muppets, music, nanotechnology, nice people, npr, os x, physics, piano, pillows, poi, politics, polyamory, privacy, programming languages, python, red dwarf, regular expressions, rolling down hills, romance, sapiosexuality, science, science fiction, scrabble, shad valley, sign language, sjr, skepticism, skydiving, sleeping, snuggling, social justice, sunshine, sustainability, teaching, thai food, theater, thinking, toronto, travel, trust, typography, uc berkeley, unicode, usability, user interfaces, vegetarian cooking, vegetarians, voting, winnipeg, women's rights, word puzzles, writing