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So work is over. Or, work for IBM, at least. I ended up staying really late last night to finish everything before leaving. I felt kind of silly -- the last one there on a Friday night, on my last day -- and trapped, since i'd already handed in my badge, so i couldn't leave the building until i was really, really finished.

During the exit interview i was asked to sign a form that reminded me of my obligations to keep things confidential. Buried among the many clauses of that form was the sentence, "I certify that I have reported to IBM any information that I may have regarding any potential violations of law relating to IBM's business and any violations of IBM's Business Conduct Guidelines." Hum. Well, i couldn't let that go without explaining to the manager that i felt IBM's patent practices were probably violating the law, and certainly violating standards of ethical business conduct. She was patient and calm and accepted my criticism graciously.

Pancakes with nectarines for breakfast.

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