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How to really confuse your party guests.

At last, here's the pictorial exposé of that picture of a rather normal-looking room i posted a few weeks ago. To recap: here's that normal-looking room —

And here are its creators.Collapse )

A nice shot of the ceiling.Collapse )

Some photos of various people enjoying the room.Collapse )

How to Defy Gravity in Ten Easy Steps.Collapse )

The whole thing took two days (one day for painting, one day for arranging everything else). Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. This project really made me want to do crazy art installations for a living.


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thats cool

i might even consider doing my room to a similar style now
you are too cool to imagine
You are my hero!
wow thats hawt haha
I realize that you have a lot of comments, so this may just be an annoyance to you, but that's too cool for words. Good job.
how comes I don't know any of you guys?! Who's ping? Where's teja? I'm lost!
My head hurts just trying got get it round this. Very cool!
I heard someone in Japan made an entire house like that

That is great.. I have a spare bedroom that I do nothing with.. Now I have something.. Can not wait.
Very cool.
very trippy!
Dude, that kicks ass, I am definently doing this sometime.
Go for it! Post pics.
Hey wow.

It never really occured to me that you are Ping when I first say this project.

You're one of the reasons why I actually went to Waterloo in 1999.

I think I exchanged e-mails with you about the competition. Then a couple years later, you were surprised that they were still using BookLook.

Anyway. I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for helping me decide on a university.

блять, а где же русские буковы..?!
гы-гы. и Омск тута :)


16 years ago


16 years ago

Solo hay 2 cosas infinitas en esta vida; el universo, y tu imbecilidad....Increible!! mis mas sincera enhorabuena!!. Follas algo?...supongo que no, debe ser muy jodido hacerlo en un sofa pegado a la puta pared.
En fins.....

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