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How to really confuse your party guests.

At last, here's the pictorial exposé of that picture of a rather normal-looking room i posted a few weeks ago. To recap: here's that normal-looking room —

And here are its creators.Collapse )

A nice shot of the ceiling.Collapse )

Some photos of various people enjoying the room.Collapse )

How to Defy Gravity in Ten Easy Steps.Collapse )

The whole thing took two days (one day for painting, one day for arranging everything else). Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. This project really made me want to do crazy art installations for a living.


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Very cool.

I can only imagine being drunk in that room. Heck, I can only imagine being sober in that room.

This makes vertigo seem like a pizza topping. The magic of Fark is your friend, you fiend.
Came in from FARK. That's great! Wish we had a good room for this in our house...
Hi from Fark. That kicks ass!
Here from Fark. Good job guys.
Wow, that is incredible. That's all I can say
That's... Amazing!! O.O
All this place needs is a few empty liquor bottles of there choice strewn across the table and floor and it'll be complete!
Excellent! Wow, that's great!
That's crazy! Good job =)
Haha, fun. Seems like a lot of work though, with Photoshop on the market ;)
My first guess was that this had to be in Santa Cruz. Don't know why I didn't think of Berkeley. Wow.
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