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How to really confuse your party guests.

At last, here's the pictorial exposé of that picture of a rather normal-looking room i posted a few weeks ago. To recap: here's that normal-looking room —

And here are its creators.Collapse )

A nice shot of the ceiling.Collapse )

Some photos of various people enjoying the room.Collapse )

How to Defy Gravity in Ten Easy Steps.Collapse )

The whole thing took two days (one day for painting, one day for arranging everything else). Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. This project really made me want to do crazy art installations for a living.


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While the LJ servers can no doubt handle the load, your berkely image hosting is already losing the battle. Might want to look into rehosting if they have any account bandwidth caps.
Damn, farked already. I'll come back later.
I like it! I do!

A Farker
Dear sir,
I want you to do that to my room. I see entrepreneurial success in your room-rotating future.

/Won't pay for flights to and from Dublin though.
//Fark fark fark.
I think nearly every college room looks like this if the majority of tuition is spent on wee stamps with Alice in Wonderland on them.
Yeah I gotta say that is damned sweet. I hope the pix last from the FARKing you're going to get.

I second everyone who says you should do art like this...a living exhibit with live actors would be very cool, especially if people had them on strings...puppetry of people.

Just excellent. Great work.

smacksaw -> toshfraggle -> wookiepocket -> lilamp -> zestyping (4 hops)
wow cool room, I bet you could find a guy who would have you do a whole that is the one weak spot, I know there are some cool window prints for offices they sell (Farker)
You should go on Trading Spaces or something. That's cool!
That is great! If I had any patience or white paint, I would so do that!!! And then invite my friends over AFTER I got them drunk. Now THAT would be a hoot!
Neat! If I had an extra room I didnt need to use, I would totally do that!
It would be a complete mistake not to leave the room like that for the next co-op residents to find.

Or maybe they'd just be annoyed with the extra work.


Here via Fark. Niiiiiiiiice touch with the sock, LOL.
I've only seen that in cartoons... but to see it in real life... all I have to say is great work.
That's the most amazing this I've seen in a long time. You are dedicated. I wanna be your friend.

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