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How to really confuse your party guests.

At last, here's the pictorial exposé of that picture of a rather normal-looking room i posted a few weeks ago. To recap: here's that normal-looking room —

And here are its creators.Collapse )

A nice shot of the ceiling.Collapse )

Some photos of various people enjoying the room.Collapse )

How to Defy Gravity in Ten Easy Steps.Collapse )

The whole thing took two days (one day for painting, one day for arranging everything else). Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. This project really made me want to do crazy art installations for a living.


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freakin' amazing. as usual.
you know, there are probably people who would pay to have a livable space created in that manner in their homes. How disorienting would it be to grow up in such an environment?!

Deleted comment

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That's so awesome. You could make a really good living doing that. Even just publishing a book of differents rooms you've done would reel in some dough and publicity; heck, I'd buy the book the day it came out!
thats awesome id so love to do that
ok wow... you're amazing!
Is it real or not?
omg! thats so cool i love who people who made that you rock my world pure genius



March 23 2005, 02:31:58 UTC 16 years ago

that's friggin awesome!
BoingBoing sent me over, and that is farkin awesome!

Re: sweet


16 years ago

This article will post to the main page on Wed, 23 Mar 2005 at 5:04 AM. Good Luck. And good job on the room.
Man, FARKers don't have LJs, WTF are you talking about.

That would require remembering 2 logins, and that's an awful lot to ask someone who masturbates all the time ;P

Re: You're about to get farked


16 years ago


16 years ago

goodness... *looks around tiny dorm room* i wanna do it!

and congratulations on making it to
And what are you doing for the next party???


/Dives behind a bush
Wow, you're on Fark. I'm so sorry!

Great room though, I'm really tempted to try it myself, but it would take way too much work to do it in mine. This is really awesome!
Co-Ops do indeed rock, wish we had gotten around to throwing a room party.

-Luther Co-Op "veteran"

I wonder if it's possible to Fark LJ?
brad's posted some statistics, LJ gets much more traffic than Fark or /.

When LJ got /.ed twice in a day, it was a barely noticable blip to LJ. LJ delivers a fuckload of dynamic pages.
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