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Home for a rest.

All the interns did their final presentations today at work. I'm glad it's over. I wrote a pane for viewing conversation threads in our e-mail client yesterday (i started after dinner, around 9pm last night, and finished it and the presentation slides around 5am this morning) so i could demonstrate it in the presentation today. It's nice to know i can still pull off coding stunts like that, but it took its toll — i'm really worn out, and could barely stay awake for the other presentations.

Dan Gillmor wrote about DeanSpace and VV over the weekend. I've gotten a few random e-mail messages from people who noticed my name in the article. I told my advisor about my involvement (a little apprehensively, since i figured she'd have concerns about me spending too much time on yet another project outside of school), but was pleasantly surprised — she seems to like Dean, too. Everybody likes Dean.
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