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A pox on Microsoft!

... for documenting their software so poorly that i can't tell what to criticize. Granted, i'm sure that helping me publish articles criticizing their security flaws is unlikely to be Microsoft's top priority. See, i've been spending ages looking for an explanation of the security settings in this horrible dialog:

The documentation in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 Resource Kit is all i can find on it, and it won't tell me what these things really mean at the Java level. Like, what is "User Selected File Access"? How are the files selected? The page says that "Access to All Files" permission grants "read access to all files on users' systems." In reality — and i have proved this by testing it — it grants read, write, and delete access to all files. If you trust Microsoft documentation, then "Hello, Java" = "Goodbye, hard drive."

Today Kingman had a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner, thanks to Jordan's family. My favourite part had to be the pi pie (yes, covered in several copies of the Greek letter made out of pie crust dough) — deliciously geeky.

In other news, the Canadian dollar has gained more than 16 percent on the U. S. dollar in the last six months. As in, if i'd changed all my American money into Canuck bucks on May 25 and then changed it all back into Benjamins on November 25, i would now be 16.1% richer. Incredible. I've always been used to rates of about 70 cents on the Canadian dollar, or a U. S. buck worth about $1.40 Canadian. $1.00 CA is now worth more than $0.85 US! I never thought i'd see the day.

At this moment, these little figures show that the Canadian dollar is at its highest point and the U. S. dollar at its lowest point in a year. This page explains what they mean.
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