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Two conflicting realities.

Have you heard of PIPA? I just heard about them for the first time yesterday on Air America Radio (960 AM here in the Bay Area). They have just released the startling results of their latest study: most Bush supporters still believe Iraq had WMD or a major WMD program, in spite of the Duelfer report in fact, most believe the Duelfer report confirmed it! Most Bush supporters believe that clear evidence of Iraq's support for Al Qaeda has been found. And, perhaps most incredibly, most Bush supporters believe that the majority of the world favours Bush's re-election.

Have a look at the summary, or see the complete report.

Here are some of the more dramatic numbers.

Perceptions of Experts on WMD in Pre-War Iraq
Regarding what Iraq had just before the war, is it your impression that experts:
  • Y: mostly agree that Iraq DID have weapons of mass destruction;
  • N: mostly agree that Iraq DID NOT have weapons of mass destruction, though it may have had some programs for developing them; or
  • E: are evenly divided on the question?
Bush supporters think:

56% Y

18% E

23% N
Kerry supporters think:

18% Y

23% E

56% N

Perceptions of the Duelfer Report
Charles Duelfer, the chief weapons inspector selected by the Bush administration to investigate whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, has just presented his final report to Congress. Is it your impression that he concluded that, just before the war:
  • Y: Iraq had actual WMD;
  • P: Iraq had no WMD but had a major program for developing them;
  • A: Iraq had some limited activities that could be used to help develop WMD, but not an active program; or
  • N: Iraq did not have any activities related to WMD?
Bush supporters think:

19% Y

38% P

31% A

Kerry supporters think:


16% P

50% A

20% N

Perceptions of World Opinions About the Election
How do you think people around the world feel about the U. S. presidential election:
  • B: more would prefer George W. Bush;
  • K: more would prefer John Kerry; or
  • E: views are about evenly divided?
Bush supporters think:

57% B

33% E

Kerry supporters think:

1% B, 30% E

69% K

Perceptions of World Sentiment About Bush Foreign Policy
Do you think the foreign policy of George W. Bush:
  • B: has made more people feel better about the U. S.;
  • W: has made more people feel worse about the U. S.; or
  • E: views are about evenly divided?
Bush supporters think:

37% B

45% E

17% W
Kerry supporters think:



86% W
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