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A grey Saturday.

Thursday was the very last drawing class. It's all over. But it was fun. People brought brownies and champagne, and the model was really good. I didn't think it meant much for a model to be good or bad -- they just stand there, right? -- but now i understand: Ashley could contort herself into much more expressive positions than the other models, and hold still for ten minutes with a calm expression on her face. I hope to get around to posting those drawings soon.

Enjoyed a nice dinner with farwing yesterday evening, and then watched Brazil. farwing, this is my public apology for hitting you when you made that terrible joke (i don't even remember what it was). Extremely strange movie. Absurd, hilarious, upsetting. "How about a little necrophilia?" Hmm, quite a puzzle to me how someone can like Brazil but hate Being John Malkovich.

Working hard on VV today. Not much to report. I suppose i should probably eat eventually.
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