Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Bush is weak.

These are the words to pass on:

Bush is weak.

Just look at how he behaved in last night's debate in this video. Kerry is confident, clear, and determined. Bush is weak. Which one would you rather have by your side in a dark alley? Which one looks like the kind of guy who would run away?

If you didn't watch the debate, you can watch it in convenient bite-size pieces at the New York Times website. Kerry was at his best, and he didn't let Bush get away with his number one deception — the conflation of Iraq with Al Qaeda.

Let's spread the "Bush is weak" meme. Lots of people who didn't witness Kerry's debate victory firsthand are going to be reading their newspapers this weekend to see how it went. Write to a newspaper to tell them about the debate. When you describe Bush's disappointing performance, don't just say that he was hesitant or confused or repetitive. Make a point of saying he was weak. It goes straight to the heart of the conservative "strict father" frame and shows Republicans that Bush is not a dependable father figure. He's weak.
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