Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Pudding has been made.

In this epic masterpiece by Messrs. Wallace and Ahdav, the dog has peed on the pudding. Then a dinosaur appeared to eat the dog. The dinosaur happened to be an invalid in a wheelchair. In addition, meteors came down and made the dinosaur extinct. However, factories created an invincible shield of pollution of the earth, saving us from the harmful (meteor-penetrable) effects of clean air. But Ralph Nader tried to fight pollution, but alas, he didn't get on the ballot in Oregon (OREGONED!). The dog acquired a cape. A goomba (from Mario Bros) stomped on the dog's back to remove his cape, and demote him one level. The dinosaur also had a heart attack due to bad relationships. He pressed his distress button so the ambulance came. But the button had been sabotaged to signal the wheelchair to fall apart. At this point, Jesus showed up to miraculously heal the dinosaur so it can walk now. Then the spirit of Buddha (who was also Santa Claus) came to do battle with Jesus. But Buddha taught the dog to not be trapped in its physical body and thereby escape the physical danger of the dinosaur's teeth. God retaliated by turning Buddha into a pillar of salt shakers. But since Buddha is enlightened, his incredible radiance blinded the dinosaur.

Actually, this was all part of a thought in a thought bubble being thought by a flea on the back of a flea inside of a marble containing the universe in a snowglobe. Then a big flying whale tried to swallow the universe. But then Norway and Japan were overfishing, which killed off the whale. But since the whale was part of Gaia, when the whale was hurt, Gaia was hurt. It was a trickle-down death. And naming that concept resurrected Ronald Reagan.

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