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I had a wonderful day yesterday. My "work" day was an all-day seminar about the visual principles of filmmaking. HP had this guy in to talk to us and i was happy to attend. Then Bab5 came over to my room and we had a nice time. I have two new games — Zendo (which i was unable to resist picking up while wandering through Games of Berkeley on Monday afternoon) and Bobile (which arrived in the mail today with a small bag of jelly beans). We had some fun making structures out of both.

B establishes our record for the most pieces supported with only one piece touching the ground.

J creates an amazing bouquet of pieces supported by just one inverted piece.

B figures out how to support it on the ground.

A fairly successful Bobile arrangement.

Today, bleh. The whole day is gone. It's hard to be productive when you're depressed and angry.

Tonight, i'm going to the Creative Commons party for Dan Gillmor's new book, We the Media, about citizen journalism.

Tomorrow or Sunday, i want to go to the kite festival on the Berkeley marina. Would anyone like to go with me / is anyone planning to go, and when are you going?
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