Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Dance like nobody's watching.

I was planning to work last night, but instead i went to a Barefoot Boogie in the city. A friend had mentioned earlier in the day that some people were going to this thing, and i hadn't heard of it before so i went to look it up. It sounded great: most of the things i like and none of the things i dislike about nightclubs. No alcohol or smoking, a dance studio with lots of space, and people of all ages just dancing freely. On impulse, i decided to go.

I went with four other people from Kingman and CZ. It only cost $4 to get in because i was a first-timer, and it was all i had hoped for and more. I loved having lots of space, the lack of social pressure to dance with people or care who was dancing with whom, and the wide variety of music. I danced high and low, big and small, fast and slow, flying and crawling, timid and confident, gentle and abrupt, bouncy and floppy, in one place and everywhere, but mostly joyfully. It was neat to watch the other people and see all the different styles of dancing in the room. Some people did contact improvisation and it was especially fascinating to watch them. By the end of the evening i had gotten a thorough workout and my feet hurt.

I think we should have a Bab5 outing to one of these. It's a wonderfully liberating and physical and playful experience that i would like to share with you. They happen every Wednesday and Sunday. Perhaps a Sunday sometime soon?

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