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On Saturday, i finally met Zephyr Teachout. She invited a whole bunch of Dean folks to go bowling at Yerba Buena Gardens on Saturday. When Linley and i arrived, only Josh was there, but the others soon trickled in. It was quite the crowd to have in one place: it was nice to see Zack and Josh and Neil from the DeanSpace team, and Joe from OSAF, and Dan Robinson from the Unity Movement. There were quite a few others i didn't know. I have to say i was excited to meet Zephyr though. It seems that a recurring theme in my life is that i come to be in awe of famous people who are doing great things, and then i meet them and discover they're human.

Zephyr is a lot of what i expected: energetic, action-oriented, a real go-getter. She explained to me what she found so depressing about the outcome of the campaign: it wasn't just that we had lost so much, but it seems all the hard lessons we learned are just helping the Republicans. Kerry's campaign isn't using the techniques and tools the Dean campaign developed; they're not communicating with their Meetup hosts and apparently they're even planning to drop Meetup altogether. (There's lots of money coming in, so why bother?) On the other hand, the Bush campaign has picked out exactly what they want from the Dean campaign and left behind the rest. At their house parties, people aren't encouraged to generate their own ideas. The message is strictly controlled and kept on target — so they get the money and votes while sucking the life out of the democratic process.

It was interesting to talk to her. I feel like exciting things could happen if we got her and me and a few other people in a room together. Mitch Kapor really ought to meet her.

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