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Long day.

Up at 5:30 today, off to catch the BART at 6:17. Arrived at 8:00 for my first day of work at HP. It was nice to talk about security with MarkM and MarcS again. It will be interesting to work with them and have these intense discussions every day rather than just a couple of times a year. Caught the bus back at 18:45, arrived back in Berkeley at 20:22, and arrived home to a dark, gutted house.

They're remodelling our kitchen. It's astonishing that they were able to tear the whole thing apart in one day. But apparently it's going to take the entire rest of the summer to put together a new one.

Electricity is off on the ground floor. Downstairs, people are huddling by candlelight amongst the wreckage. There's a jar with a candle in it in the stairwell.
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