Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Returning home.

(This entry is about last Tuesday.)

It was a long day, but the whole trip went smoothly and effortlessly. It only cost €3 to get a ride to the airport on the S train.

The TSA has taken to fingerprinting people entering the United States. I thought they were going to fingerprint me since then sent me to the line of non-residents, where there was a sign explaining the fingerprinting process. As i waited in line, i mentally prepared the short speech i was going to give to the INS officer about this invasion of personal freedoms and how it fails to make us any safer. But they didn't fingerprint me, so i didn't say anything. I wasn't as noble as i'd like.

In the baggage claim area, i noticed several TSA officials walking around with dogs, stopping people and doing random searches.

It's a nice feeling to be back in Berkeley. I took the BART back from the airport and was greeted by this altered advertisement:

And it's wonderful to be back in Kingman.

I love my house.
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