Ping (zestyping) wrote,

A sensible place.

After arriving in Vienna on Monday night, i found my way to a subway station called Westbahnhof and walked to the hostel.

Here is the intersection in daylight.

Lots of things make more sense here.

There are separate bike lanes with their own curbs, between the sidewalk and the road for cars.

The crosswalks have lights for bikes as well as pedestrians.

The city is served by smooth, efficient public transportation.

It's also cheap: just 12 euros for a weekly pass that gives you unlimited travel within Vienna. And trusting: there are no gates at the subway stations. They trust you to stamp your own ticket. Ticket collectors walk through the cars from time to time, but so far i've only seen one out of maybe a dozen subway rides.

The escalators in the subway stations run slowly to save energy when nobody is using them. Once you step onto them, they perk up to normal speed.

They leave magazines hanging in the subway cars. And no one takes them!

They rent out bikes from unattended, automated machines. And no one vandalizes them!

The toilets have "big flush" and "small flush" buttons, and aren't full of lots of water to splash around.

How sensible in all respects — except the smoking, which is ubiquitous.
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