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Wrote a module for DeanSpace today. It imports user account information from a text file to help groups migrate their members over to DeanSpace. Another baby step in trying to make it easy for people to start using our stuff.

Talked to Zephyr too. There are some new people working on the design and management of the Commons project, so that's encouraging news. I'll have to wait and see what kind of involvement i'll be allowed to have.

I've been invited to join a panel on security and usability at the next Financial Cryptography conference. I'm pretty excited. FC is often full of people i consider famous, important, and much smarter than me, so i'm also nervous. I wanted to say something directly relevant to the crowd instead of talking in fuzzy generalities, so i think i'm going to look at the keynote speaker's electronic payment system and critique the user interface. I hope i won't get flamed for this.

Goodbye, Winnipeg — for a little while.
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