Ping (zestyping) wrote,

My Google+ profile has just been suspended for having an unusual name.

If you would like to help me get it unsuspended, please post a note here to help provide evidence that "Ping" is the "name [my] friends, family or co-workers usually call [me]" (as it says in the User Conduct and Content Policy). If you are comfortable identifying yourself and your relationship to me, that would help too. Thanks!

Edited to add: Thanks everyone! I'm sure we'll get this sorted out right quick.

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July 24 2011, 20:57:39 UTC 9 years ago

I have worked with Ping professionally since 2008, and that really is his common name. I can confirm that the person who wrote this blog post is the same as the person I know in real life, because we had explicit meat-space discussions about this blog. You may contact me with questions at this address:

rheywood *ATSYMBOL* google *PERIOD* com

Hope that helps,
- Rus
I've known Ping since 1989... a record on this thread so far I think. Even back then he was known to all as Ping. He's a great friend.

And reading this thread has been highly entertaining!

I solemnly swear that I have known Ping since fall 2009 and have never heard anyone who knew him call him anything else. (Except maybe "awesomesauce.")

Also, I transacted with a real estate agent by the name of Ping a couple of weeks ago. Will she be suspended too?
There should be enough evidence in this thread to restore Ping to his rightful place on G+, but just to be sure, here's heavy artillery:

I've known Ping since 1987, when we were in second grade together. We have known each other for 24 years, and during that time, I don't think I have ever called him 'Ka-Ping'. Some teachers may have called him Ka-Ping, but only until about seventh grade. I don't think anyone else did. He is Ping.

Moreover, 'Ping' is quite a common Chinese name. I know at least one other Ping personally--more by reputation--and there must be thousands of legitimate Pings on English-language social networking sites. Ping was a name long before it was an IP utility or an obscure Apple product.

And--doesn't this particular Ping work for you, or an organization to which you might be closely connected?

Sort it out Google--I have no love for Facebook, but not being evil is a lot more work than it sounds.
Please accept this as proof that Mr. Ping is who he says he is.
I think we go back the most - We were together having dinner at Friedland on the 12th June 1807, and I must say his great advice would have saved me from a disastrous campaign failure if I had heeded it more closely.

Also, Ping and I recently had a great conversation while unexpectedly sharing a ride up the space elevator last month. We actually took a quick video (I can provide a link to the video if needed), where you can see him holding his ID card which clearly says 'Ping' on it.

Restoring his account would be critical, too. I try to chat with Mr. Ping in the black chat window every time I think a website or a connection is flaky. He is so responsive sometimes it's only milliseconds before he sends something back! A great asset to Google and to the internet at large.

I am a man of world reputation, you can just Google me and you'll find plenty of references (I even have my own wikipedia page). If you have any questions I'll call you, or you can access me via my email so you know it's me responding.

Ping will always be Ping to me! Although maybe Google should consider modifying the name to Ping Awesome.

Kindly yours-
M. Bonaparte
Ping wrote a nifty Python front-end for the Udanax Green (formerly Xanadu) server that we demoed at an O'Reilly Open Source conference some years ago, and I've always known him under the name "Ping". It appears someone else is now using the name "Ping ." on Google+ which is confusing!
I am Ping's father. Since he was born we call him PING all the time.
His name is Ka Ping YEE. His family members, relatives and friend all call him as "PING" all the time. That is very common and real name for Ka Ping YEE.

Sanson Yee
Hello. I am not a member of LiveJournal. And i don't know this young man named Ping. I DO know an older man named Ping whom i've known for decades as another 'net worker. As someone else pointed out, "Ping" is not an uncommon Chinese name. Saying that his name "violates Community Standards" means that the Google community does not include a third of the world where this name is common.

Google has been looking worse and worse lately. This does not help their own reputation.
I have known Ping since 1992. Our lives have overlapped many times since then. I have never met anyone who called him by any other name.

Kevin Purbhoo
Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
Sorry to hear you got clipped; I have been using CZ as the name people know me by since 1987 or so. Over 30 letters, and offers to have notarized statements from my friends seem to be met by nothing more than the google robots.

It's quite odd.

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