Ping (zestyping) wrote,

My Google+ profile has just been suspended for having an unusual name.

If you would like to help me get it unsuspended, please post a note here to help provide evidence that "Ping" is the "name [my] friends, family or co-workers usually call [me]" (as it says in the User Conduct and Content Policy). If you are comfortable identifying yourself and your relationship to me, that would help too. Thanks!

Edited to add: Thanks everyone! I'm sure we'll get this sorted out right quick.

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To whom it may concern:

I've known Ping since 2001, when we were both grad students in the computer science department at the University of California, Berkeley. We took a class together. I can confirm that Ping was the name that professional colleagues in the computer science department addressed him by when we were classmates, and that has continued to be true to the best of my knowledge.

Tim Chevalier
catamorphism at gmail
I met Ping approximately 2 years ago and consider myself a friend of his. Ping was first introduced to me as "Ping", I have known him as "Ping" and continue to refer to him as "Ping."


Christopher De Vries
I've known Ping since 2002 and have lived in the same house as him for about half of that time. Literally everyone I've seen him interact with knows him as "Ping" -- coworkers, friends from every social circle, students he taught as a grad student, family members, etc.

-David Wallace
davidwallace at gmail

Real name


July 23 2011, 21:39:28 UTC 9 years ago

I have known Ping since 1992 and while it is part of his whole first name (Ka-Ping) I don't know that I have ever called him by his full name.
Rachael Ward


July 23 2011, 21:51:16 UTC 9 years ago

Ping is my friend and he is a real boy.
I've known Ping for at least a decade, and that's the name he's gone by for the entire length of our acquaintance. I met him through various friend of mine who were grad students at Berkeley.

Krystyna Miguel


July 23 2011, 22:15:59 UTC 9 years ago

When I met Ping, he was introduced to me as "Ping" by mutual friends and have only known him as such. Frankly, I didn't even know his full name was "Ka-Ping" until much later.

Lisa Fabiny
I met Ping earlier this year. He introduced himself as Ping and I have never heard anyone call him by any name other than Ping.

Sahra Santosha
I ve known Ping since 1998. We both worked at Lucasfilm and were roommates during that time.

His name is actually "Friedrich", not Ping and his heritage is Norwegian, not Chinese. His great grandfather was actually a renown Viking.
Dont be fooled by his profile pic. He has platinum blond hair, beady blue eyes, and a braided, long beard.

Really, Google+?
Is that how you re gonna rival Facebook?
The guy even works for you. Why doesn't someone from the Google+ department meet him at the cafeteria for lunch and check out his driver's license...?
Wow, and you even work there. Slow clap.

The first time I met you I said damn, that's a cool name. There's even a book about your duck alter ego (which I'm sure you're well aware of).
I've known Ping as "ping" since we first met around 6 years ago, and have never heard him go by any other name.
Dear GooglePlus,

I first read about Ping on boingboing because he nailed a couch to the wall (ceiling?) of his dorm room. I'm not sure sure you should trust him to redesign your break room but he does respond when you yell "PING!" at him (although typically not for 50-60ms, depending on load).

I have known Ping since 2001 while he was at Berkeley and then when he started at doing awesome work. Suspending his account is ridiculous. Ping is my second friend to have their account suspended and they both work(ed) for Google. First was Skud. Seems like these could be resolved with real human interactions, but that isn't Google's MO. I am enthusiastic Google user and many of my friends work there, but these events are turning me off and making me think twice about using the services any longer.
I know Ping both socially through several groups of friends, and through our work at Google. He really is Ping.
google, renounce your evil doing and reinstate Ping's rightful Google+ nomen
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