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FAQ about the Facebook API Browser.


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Open Events


July 20 2010, 16:52:22 UTC 11 years ago

I'm new to FB and when I was looking for Graph API uses/implementation found you post. Nice work. My problem is that when I search my ID I can not see my Open events. I made sure that the even is public, and I check that with some friend's IDs I couldn't find open events.

First of all, fantastic job!
I'm currently also developing a web portal integrated with facebook but I wonder why I'm not able to get posts' comments in a group with my access_token - of course I obtain the code to my application and exchange it to get my access_token and login-... I can get the posts, users' info, etc. but not the posts' comments. I've tried to debug a couple of times with your access_token, and it works! Moreover, the access tokens are slightly different (yours is longer :-)) I've searched in FB forums and nothing. I'm thinking it's an application permissions problem.
May I ask you the format of auth URLs that you use to get this type of tokens? I mean: client_id=...&redirect_uri=...&scope=..., or Or should I configure my FB application to ask for special permissions?

Thanks a lot!!!
I get the token from the developer documentation page, which includes some example links that are pre-customized with access tokens if you are logged in:

Re: Access tokens types


11 years ago

Re: Access tokens types


11 years ago

When I log into Facebook and put in a wrong password, a picture of me pops up and the Facebook login asks me if that is me. Is there a way to not have that picture show up?
ID: 100001040613184

I checked 2 of my friends, both of which dont know each other and are living in different countries. When I checked out one of their profile stuff here, it says only User 100001040613184 can see it besides them.
hi zesty,

cool stuff. I did such a solution on serverside for me. but I cant retrive
"updated_time" - how do you get that?

For example the request only returns this fields:

"id": "636599595",
"name": "David Lindner",
"first_name": "David",
"last_name": "Lindner",
"link": "",
"gender": "m\u00e4nnlich",
"locale": "de_DE"

there is no updated_time ...


... and if I query the graph api, for some profiles, I get no link to the profile.
But with your api browser and same userID I can see the link ... any idea why?


August 14 2010, 13:58:33 UTC 11 years ago

Thank you Ping for sharing such a code masterpiece :) You're rock!

It's really cool that your FB Browser doesn't require a login to Facebook, that is why I'm curious how do you get an access_token for a first page load?
I know that token can be grabbed from the example links available on FB/developers page for a logged-in user, but it's so monkey job! Your idea seems more elegant and pretty
Can you drop some lines explaining this magic? :)
Thank you
I have tested your Facebook API Browser and it works good but I have some question.
I managed to build and app in perl that access Facebook and I'm doing searches trough Facebook Grap API
Curiously in my case when I perform a search it only returns results in spanish, but I found in your case if I perfom a search it returns posts in any language.
Do you have any idea of what of that?
I'm starting to become mad because Facebook have a few information and anywhere nobodoy knows nothing.
Cool stuff.

Are there any web sites to help developing these codes with C# for .Net developers.
Great work, I noticed, the access_code in your script keep getting updated time to time, are you doing it manually or is it automatic?

Could you please outline how you obtained the dummy access token?

I logged in and visited the Developer documentation. The documentation contains links that are automatically filled in with access tokens based on your current login.



October 18 2010, 21:15:38 UTC 11 years ago

I used too be able too view my friends feed through zesty but now it says its empty. Why is it saying that?
Why this - - will show two comments in first element

But this - - or this - - will show only one comment (after connecting with facebook and having valid token)

What's the secret with the token ? Why do you get more data than me ???
Hi !!

This page is showing 1 comment only for this article "Scalpez-moi ce sein avec photoshop !".

But using your Zesty - - same article has 2 comments. It seems the token you are scraping from FB api page is having super rights since it is able to fetch private data !!

So ??
Since some days, it is no longer possible to browse the Posts section of any facebook user: "empty" is always returned.

Could you please let me know whether facebook informs the user if you access their public info using graph API?

Someone is getting my facebook logging and search information even though they are not in my friends list. How is this possible? What should I do to stop it? I use Iphone App to access facebook.

Thank you very much. Great work by you. I appreciate your input so please help me out.
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