Ping (zestyping) wrote,

multitetris: what I did at 26C3.

I went to Berlin over the winter break with various and sundry Noisebridgers to experience my first Chaos Communication Congress. While there I discovered c-base, a combination hacker club, nightclub, and crashed alien spaceship. Closest thing I've seen to the set of a Doctor Who episode, ever.

c-base has a multitouch table they built (with a projector inside, mirror, infra-red illumination, and a diffusing surface), and they had a little hackfest to write things for it. With lots of help and inspiration from two graphics hackers I met there, Martin and Ulli, I wrote multitetris.

Dan Kaminsky calls it the "Minority Report of Tetris". Good times. Man, I miss programming for fun.

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February 17 2010, 13:59:07 UTC 9 years ago

C-Base is so amazing! We had a PyPy sprint there a few years ago.

Multitetris looks like fun, though I didn't really get when a line is cleared. Very cool.

Carl Friedrich Bolz
This thing was brilliant and so are you!

Thanks for playing it! 'Twas the players that made it worth it. :)

Definitely recommending this all around.
eeeeee that looks amazing. now i want to build a multi-touch table :)
Life is all about eliciting long strings of lowercase vowels from your friends. :)
it's not always a good thing! i replied something to the effect of dkfhdfkjghfdkjhgkjfdhgkjfhg to another friend on LJ today... and trust me, it wasn't a good thing :p
Yikes. Ok, new rule: HAPPY VOWELS ONLY.

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