Ping (zestyping) wrote,


Alas, despite another year having passed, i have still not fixed all the world's problems.

In fact, i appear to be quite poor at keeping resolutions. Therefore, for 2009, i resolve:

  • Not to learn anything!
  • Not to launch any products!
  • To become uglier and less happy!
  • To remain in the U. S. for the whole year.
  • Not to produce anything of noticeable benefit to others.
  • To give up the guitar.
  • And absolutely not, under any circumstances, to build absurd contraptions. Contraptions are right out.
Here's to a continued failure to keep resolutions!
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This is my favorite resolutions list so far. May you fail at all of them, hopefully spectacularly!
Best of luck failing at all of that! Especially since I have really enjoyed reading your attempts. Thank you so much for sharing.
I love it. I will adopt the same!
That's a great list. I hope you fail in a big way.
This is awesome. :)
Here's to total failure.

I will have to do a set of tribute resolutions in this vein.