Ping (zestyping) wrote,

In San Jose.

This week, i'm attending the Usenix Security conference in San Jose.

Monday and Tuesday are EVT 2008, the workshop on Electronic Voting Technology. Here's what we'll be talking about; i'm looking forward to it.

Debra Bowen, the California Secretary of State, kicks off the main security conference on Wednesday with a keynote address entitled "Dr. Strangevote or: How I Learned to Stop Worry and Love the Paper Ballot". That'll probably be fun. Nadia's paper is being presented later that day.

Voting continues to be a major topic in the computer security world. Despite having its own workshop and being featured in the keynote address, there is also a session of voting-related papers at the main conference on Friday.

It's a bit weird being here with nothing to present, and no longer the academic but merely a hanger-on-of-academics. Seeing everyone here will, no doubt, remind me how much i miss the freedom of academia and the networks of people i know from graduate school. Oh, well... i can't be both full-time in academia and full-time in industry at the same time; i had to make a choice. We'll see how it works out.
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