Ping (zestyping) wrote,

PyCon: lightning talk.

I gave a 5-minute talk on using Python for electronic voting software yesterday afternoon. I opened the talk by introducing myself as "a graduate student at UC Berkeley" to which someone in the audience shouted "...still!" and everyone started laughing. Looks like i've been going to quite a few PyCons now since i started graduate school.

My first slide was a picture of the Diebold AccuVote machine. The moment it went up on the big screen, before i said a word explaining what it was, the room was filled with boos. I guess my audience was already familiar with some of the problems of electronic voting. :)

The talk was pretty well received. The slide revealing the size of my Python prototype (currently under 400 lines, as compared to Diebold's code at over 31000 lines) even drew a few cheers.

A few people have come up to me to say that they liked the talk, so i think it went well.
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