Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Reacting to Bush's call for more troops.

Last night, President Bush gave a speech calling for an additional 21500 troops to be sent to Iraq for an undefined length of time. In Congress, Republicans as well as Democrats are unhappy with the move. "Not a single member of the Senate panel expressed outright support for the president's plan." And hardly anyone in the media is showing support.

The people, too, are not in favour. Hundreds of protest events took place across the United States today in response to Bush's speech. I joined a group of 50 or so people tonight on Berkeley's pedestrian bridge over I-80, and returned just now.

Here's the view from the freeway. Tonight's discovery: you can make a pretty effective sign in just a few minutes using 2-foot-by-2.5-foot Post-It sheets and a roll of black duct tape.

The reaction from drivers was more enthusiastic than i expected. We heard nearly continuous honking from the thousands of cars passing under us for the couple of hours that we were there.

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