Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Welcome to 007!

I went to a party hosted by Dave Krieger to ring in the new year. It was all the way down in Santa Clara, so i was a bit apprehensive about driving all that way on this particular night, but i thought it would be a good chance to reconnect with him and the Foresight crowd. I had a good time and ended up staying quite a lot longer than i expected.

It seems it was just the thing — most of these people i hadn't seen in a few years, and they were excited to see me again. From the moment i stepped in Chris and Romana immediately opened a conversation about what i should do with my life. Within a couple of minutes we'd slipped back into our old roles — Chris has always been a sort of personal advisor to me — so we talked about big ideas and plans for a long while. Romana and Russell are pretty big on the idea of working at Google, which is something i've been thinking about more in the last week or so. Lest i give you the impression that the evening was all serious, let me add that we covered the whole place in silly string, and i got introduced to Robot Chicken, which can be roughly described as "absurd stop-motion sketch comedy for ridiculously short attention spans".
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