Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Guangzhou 3, with pictures.

It turns out the hotel in Kunming where i'm staying has Internet access, so i get to make a couple more posts. And i found my camera cable, so i can include a few pictures this time. I don't expect to be able to get online for a few days after this, though.

Before i get to Kunming i'll fill in some other stuff from earlier. Remember i said Clifford Estates has its own schools? There are two big ones; one mostly taught in Chinese and the other an English "experimental" school. My dad sometimes substitute-teaches at the latter one. We visited there and they happened to be doing some sort of field day; all the students were parading around with flags and banners.

The hallways of the school are adorned with various slogans and words of advice, some of which looked kinda spooky to me, like these ones:

To give you an idea of the scale of Clifford Estates, here's a view from the school. There are many more clusters of high-rise apartment buildings than the one you can see in the distance in this photo. The population density seems extreme — until you learn that most of the apartments in these buildings are unoccupied! Yet they are all owned or rented, and demand is so high that many more of them are busily being built all the time.

Downtown Guangzhou is packed with apartments, too. It looks like this:

It seem customary to post lots of little signs telling you to be careful. Here's a particularly funny one on a mirror in a restaurant. The Chinese characters say literally, "Careful hit head." (Chinese always sounds stunted when literally translated because there is no conjugation or declension; the grammatical structure just comes from the order in which the words are put together.)

I visited Sun Yat-Sen University to give a talk about Python (which was fairly well received despite my inability to speak Chinese; the students' English wasn't great, so having my dad around to translate helped a lot). This is the courtyard of just one building:

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