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How is it that Kerry's slight error in wording a joke is the top story of the day everywhere when Bush speaks nonsensical English on a regular basis without generating headlines? How did Kerry's words — clearly a criticism of Bush's war — get reinterpreted as such a severe insult to military personnel that Kerry has had to make a public apology, yet Bush easily continues his long trend of insulting the morality and patriotism of anyone who disagrees with his policies? How did Bush not end up on the front page of every American newspaper for molesting Angela Merkel? How did important matters like the needless deaths of soldiers and civilians and the campaign of misinformation before and about the invasion of Iraq get drowned out by Kerry's tiny slip?

It's just astonishing to me. How do they do this? Is it the media? Is it the so-called "Republican spin machine"? How can this be possible?
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