June 4th, 2009


At Jomo Kenyatta airport, we had to go through security twice (once for the airport and once for the airline), and the gate closed an hour and 5 minutes before the flight's departure time. We made it, though.

We landed in Lusaka Monday morning, and walked across the tarmac to the airport.

In Lusaka, we stayed at the Protea, which was a pretty fancy-looking place. It felt like the opposite of Kenya: casually dressed people in a spiffy building.

I had to fill out a form to check in, and thought this part of the form was pretty funny, not just for the bad English but the mention of horses and live animals. Sixty kwacha is about 1.1 cents.

The rooms were also very fancy — but the notable unique point was the provision of a can of bug spray. I later quickly understood why: mosquitoes were everywhere inside. I got bitten in the restaurants, I got bitten in my room, I got bitten while sleeping. I must have about a dozen bites, all from being indoors in the evening and none of them from being out in the field during the daytime. I despise mosquitoes.