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Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Date:2007-08-02 04:11
Subject:Public Hearing on the Top-to-Bottom Review.

I’m posting audio clips from Monday’s public hearing on California’s Top-to-Bottom Voting Systems Review at http://usablesecurity.com/ttbr/. So far, the presentation of the accessibility and red team reports and the statements by the vendors (Diebold, Hart, and Sequoia) are posted.

(Side note: Does anyone know how to make Audacity export MP3 files in exact lengths instead of multiples of 10 seconds? Is this a known Audacity bug?)

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Date:2007-08-02 11:38
Subject:Source code reports are out.

The source code reports for the Diebold, Hart, and Sequoia voting systems are now posted at the Secretary of State's website — check them out. I was on the team that did the Sequoia source code review, and it's good to see our report finally released to the public.

The document review reports are still not up, though.

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