January 27th, 2007

Kingman spoons you!

Most of you who have seen me in person have no doubt seen my maroon hoodie with the crazy Living Love propaganda on the back and the Kingman butterfly on the front. On it i sport the "I heart MY CO-OP" button that is everywhere in the Berkeley co-ops.

One of our proactive house members decided to make Kingman-specific buttons along the same lines, but she decided that "I heart KINGMAN" would be too obvious so she opted for "I spoon Kingman" buttons, to be worn by those in favour of Kingman and in favour of spooning in general.

The buttons were a big hit and became the inspiration for my room's theme at last night's house party — it was the Spoon Room.

Lisa and Tram gave me a lot of help hanging up spoons, and over the window, thanks to Dianna, we proudly displayed the flag of the Republic of Spoon.

Metal spoons, when hung freely, can make a surprisingly pretty chime. In addition to the sounds of the spoons themselves was a soundtrack of endlessly shuffling snippets to complete the ambience. We managed to get a good twenty or so people spooning together at point.

The room's contribution to the party didn't last long — as always at a room-to-room, the party moves on — but it was pretty successful, i think.