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Saturday, January 6th, 2007

Date:2007-01-06 14:14
Subject:Call your representative.

I just called Nancy Pelosi's office at 415 556-4862 and left the following message.

I am calling upon you, Congresswoman Pelosi, to impeach George Walker Bush, the sitting President of the United States.

The President has ordered illegal wiretapping. This is a crime against the people of the United States.

The President has authorized torture. This is a crime against humanity.

The President has taken this nation to war without a congressional declaration of war. This is unconstitutional.

The President has, in hundreds of signing statements, declared himself and the executive branch free to ignore laws passed by Congress. He has flaunted these laws. This is unconstitutional.

You, Nancy Pelosi, swore an oath to defend the Constitution of this country. Uphold your oath. It is not a question of strategy. It is your duty.

If you are able to construct a coherent and factual defense of the president against all these charges, post it here. Otherwise, i encourage you to do as i have done, and support the cause of justice. Do you wish to live under a government of laws or of men?

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Date:2007-01-06 19:09
Subject:Photos from this morning.

Photos are now online from this morning's event at Ocean Beach!

Photo by John Montgomery. These photos are free to use and print as long as credit is given to the photographer. Please distribute!

eqe and i are in the P.

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Date:2007-01-06 23:04
Subject:Freedom toasters.

What a wonderful idea! For places where bandwidth doesn't allow lots of people to easily download free software, there are Freedom Toasters that will dispense it for you! The project has even published complete instructions on how to build your own.

Saw this on Meri's blog.

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