June 9th, 2006

Clocks play clocks.

I just heard the Berkeley campanile play its daily song at 6:00 pm.

Today's song? Coldplay's "Clocks". It was funny enough to realize that i was hearing a pop song instead of some stately ancient thing. But that, of all songs! It made me laugh out loud and rainbowsorbet had to tell me to calm down.
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I <3 today.

I spent most of today with two people i love. I just cleaned the kitchen and hung out with a dozen housemates in the dining room, and a surprise visitor gave me a backrub. The pool room is full of people making insane amounts of noise with a drum kit, organ, synthesizer, several electric guitars, and yelling into a microphone. I'm super well fed and i just finished off the rest of a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I have plans this weekend with four of my favourite people. My laundry is done, the room is mostly clean, and i'm comfortably established on my bed under a perfect rainbow.

There's lots of work to do before i can goof off for the weekend. Better get started!
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