April 28th, 2006

Thoughts while flying.

1. The airplane attendants keep saying "aréogare" over the intercom when they're talking about the airport. I thought it was "aérogare." At first i thought it was just one attendant mispronouncing the word, but several of them all seem to say it this way. Does everyone swap the sounds when they say it?

2. I noticed while boarding the plane that, compared to getting past someone in the aisle, it's a much larger disruption for someone to get into a window seat when the aisle and/or middle seats are already occupied because they have to get up and wait in the aisle to let the new person in. Would it be more efficient if the gate people, instead of boarding the plane from back to front, called the window seats first, then the middle seats, then the aisle seats? Or maybe all the window seats, then the remaining back half of the plane, then the front half?