April 22nd, 2006

Yay, yay, and once more, yay.

I went onstage tonight in front of a big crowd of people in Union Square, lit up, danced with presence and confidence (or so people tell me because i hardly remember anything; it was just the show's starting i'm on fire GO GO GO! in my head, straight to autopilot on the 60-second routine i've been rehearsing a gazillion times since choreographing it last Friday; but i do remember how satisfying it felt to nail the timing on the two transitions in the music that i'd been aiming for, despite not knowing exactly when the music was going to start), everybody cheered for me, lots of my friends showed up and made me feel loved, and many of the amazing fire performers that i really look up to complimented me on my opening performance.

I really enjoyed Becca's description of how it looked. She said my personality came through somehow — it was very "Ping" — and explained what that meant with excitement and enthusiasm and fast hand motions. :)

I loved watching my friends do amazing things. earlapricot, Josie, Janis, Ian, Khan, Isa, Hunter... everybody was fantastic onstage and i was awed by the choreographed groups and duets that i got to see. There is an awesome photo of earlapricot over here. The whole show went very smoothly even though there were so many performers and fire tools to get to the right places at the right times, and i feel really grateful to Isa and Eunice for making it all happen and giving me a chance to perform. There were four people shooting video and i hope there will be videos posted online eventually.

And i'm happy because hukuma and fanlain and sbtorpey and oddthink are all in town visiting from afar.

And a nice surprise to top it all off — i met mooflyfoof in the audience!