March 16th, 2006

End of the UK Parliament?

I just saw this post about the recently introduced Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, which apparently gives tremendous power to cabinet ministers in the UK government to change or make laws without debate. Here's the text of the bill itself, and there's an article about it at Wikipedia too.

So, fellow Britons, do you know about this? Does anyone know what's going on?

And may i just say once again that They Work For You is an incredible public service for the UK and that the citizens of every democratic country desperately need such a service? It's so well done. So, so well done. Here's what they have on this bill.

Come to Kingman!

Music and Story Night is tomorrow night, starting around 9. I'll be playing and we'll be loud and we'll rock the house. For three songs. And lots of other people will be singing and playing and reading and speaking and all other sorts of wonderful things. Come by!