January 19th, 2006

Canadian election.

In a few days, Canada is going to have a national election. I'm pretty concerned about this one, because it looks like the conservatives are going to win. The Conservative Party used to campaign loudly against abortion and same-sex marriage, but recently they have stopped talking about these things and put on a more moderate face. But you can bet there are people who are counting on them to bring these issues back to the table once they're in power. The Liberals have been in power for a long time, and were tarnished by the recent revelation of a sponsorship scandal in which about $100 million in public funds were directed to various communications companies.

There are quite a few eerie parallels to the race between Democrats and Republicans in the United States.

The Liberals are having a lot of trouble getting their message straight. They aren't campaigning very effectively, and mostly they seem to be just attacking the Conservatives, instead of promoting a clear message of their own. Sound familiar?

The Conservatives have announced all kinds of ways they want to spend money. One of the Liberals' main arguments against them is that the Liberals have balanced the budget for eight years running and the Conservative spending spree will plunge the country into debt. Sound familiar?

Just recently, the Conservative leader made a suggestion that some of the judges on Canada's Supreme Court are activists. Sound familiar?

I have to say the Conservatives are doing a better job of promoting themselves right now. I'm afraid that a lot of voters are going to think the Conservatives don't sound so bad, vote for them because they seem moderate at the moment, and then get a rude shock once a Conservative government is elected.