January 4th, 2006

Yup. Definitely real.

I had a funny dream the other night in which i met a person who was supposed to be official or famous in some way (i hardly remember any of the dream anymore). And then i thought to myself, "I think i'm dreaming. I should go online and find out whether this person exists in the real world." So i paid attention to the exact spelling of their name so that i could Google them.

In my dream, i got out my laptop and Googled them, and sure enough there were lots of articles, even one on Wikipedia. And i thought, "Wow! Isn't it amazing how i happened to discover this important person in my dream even though i hadn't heard of them before in real life." I felt so clever for discovering that i could check any facts in my dreams just by Googling them!

Then i realized i was still dreaming. Oops. So i said to myself, "Now i really have to wake up and check this out for real." And, still in my dream, i got out of bed and got my laptop and Googled it again, and it was real.

And a moment later i realized i was still dreaming, and i practically shouted at myself (inside my head, even though i was already inside my head), "No! I mean it! Wake up and check this out!" And i Googled it again, and this time i was sure it was real.

This happened four or five times in total before i finally woke up and walked over to my real computer and Googled it, and of course it was gibberish.

Yup. Google has come to define reality for me. Even in my dreams.