December 17th, 2005


I gave a talk at FXPAL today on usable security. It was my test run of a new presentation style and a shorter, simpler set of key points, and i think it went pretty well.

FXPAL has a really nifty setup in their conference room. I connected my computer to their display cable at the beginning of the talk, my slides came up on the big screen, and away i went. At the end of the talk, they showed me their pride and joy: they brought up a search page, typed in "ping", and speedily retrieved a list of thumbnails of all my slides, which had just been recorded off of the video cable (the display also provided mug shots of the audience members attending who had happened to be carrying RFID badges). A click on the first slide, a click on the last slide, a click on "export to Flash", and poof! Out came a Flash movie with the audio recording of the whole talk synchronized to all the slides. Neato.

I spent the evening playing a very silly game named Barcy Fell Off the Horse, in which everyone writes cards containing whatever objects, actions, and victory conditions they think of, we mix them all up, and insanity ensues. Pirates, ninjas, structural food items, irrational numbers, and alien invasions were involved.

Oh yeah — i got the four-beat pinwheel tonight. Woohoo!