November 30th, 2005

New fun!

I went to my first poi spinning class tonight. I wasn't really expecting to take the class — i just sent in a question over e-mail, after earlapricot got me all excited about it, and the instructor suggested i come check it out, so i did and ended up staying.

The whole time we did everything with only the left hand. My left hand is annoying. It doesn't listen to what i tell it to do. And it doesn't like to do things behind my back. They showed us how to do half the weave — just one hand. I kept wanting to try things with both hands but no no, just the left hand. By the end of the class i'm practically dying to try both hands. So while everyone is packing up i steal off into a corner and try to do the weave and smack myself in the face a couple of times.

When i got home i picked them up again. Haha! I can do the weave. Now i can finally go to bed.