September 7th, 2005

It's been a trying couple of days.

I need to stop reaching for the computer to check my e-mail when i wake up in the morning. For the last few days, here's what's been happening: i wake up, open the computer, find 30 or so new messages from people with questions about PFIF or requests for technical help, start replying and trying to clear up the confusion. While i'm doing this, an instant message pops up from someone else on the team or someone coordinating and there's some fire that needs to be fought or some decision that needs to be made. I have some conversations, edit some webpages, write some code. Some time around midafternoon i realize that i haven't gotten out of bed or eaten anything. I hop in the shower. I get a snack. Suddenly a conference call happens and obliterates dinner.

It never goes away. I can never do enough. It seems as though every time i look, there are more people needing help, and they need it now, and they need it from me. And when i walk away to talk to someone, eat something, or go to sleep, i can't stop thinking about what i could be doing or what needs to be fixed next.