July 13th, 2005

The dreams of youth.

I visited Pixar today to watch a screening of an incredible re-make of Raiders of the Lost Ark created by three kids (Eric Zala, Chris Strompolis, and Jayson Lamb) and their friends. They started when they were twelve and it took them seven years — they reshot the entire movie, scene by scene. The picture looked like crap and most of the acting was hilariously bad, though I thought Angela Rodriguez did a pretty good job of playing the part of Marion. But the sheer magnitude of what they pulled off was astounding. They built countless convincing props and sets, climbed on and threw each other out of moving vehicles, jumped out of trees, set their basement and themselves on fire, dressed up their friends as Nazis and Egyptians, blew up a truck, made casts of their friends' heads that exploded and melt, and even managed to shoot some scenes on a real submarine. The Pixar audience burst spontaneously into cheers dozens of times throughout the movie.

There's a short trailer online that gives you just a brief taste of the movie and an interview that describes some of what they went through to make it. I met Eric afterwards and talked to him about putting the movie online, but legal problems prevent them from doing it.

To me, it's another piece of evidence that people can achieve amazing things if there is focus and determination. (wordwolf, niteskye: remember being twelve?)
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