July 12th, 2005

Unmitigated rot.

I decided recently that instead of procrastinating with Weboggle i would start procrastinating with Distributed Proofreaders, the latter seeming a more productive manner of distraction. Today i came across this gem in a letter from Robert Louis Stevenson to his parents on January 1, 1886:
When the house is empty, the mind is seized with a desire — no, that is too strong — a willingness to pour forth unmitigated rot, which constitutes (in me) the true spirit of correspondence. When I have no remarks to offer (and nobody to offer them to), my pen flies, and you see the remarkable consequence of a page literally covered with words and genuinely devoid of sense. I can always do that, if quite alone, and I like doing it; but I have yet to learn that it is beloved by correspondents. The deuce of it is, that there is no end possible but the end of the paper; and as there is very little left of that — if I cannot stop writing — suppose you give up reading. It would all come to the same thing; and I think we should all be happier....
Naturally, i immediately thought of my LiveJournal. :)
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