July 10th, 2005

Trying to stop phishers.

Today at 4:10 pm, i received an e-mail message addressed from service@paypal.com with the subject line "PayPal Notification: Upgrade your information". I get these scams all the time, especially since i recently told my spam filter to let them through so i can collect them. When i added this one to my collection i noticed i had gathered over a hundred specimens. A hundred scams is a lot. It bugged me, so i thought i'd do something about this one.

Collapse )Collapse )It is now 2:00 am. That's over 9 hours since EV1 said the issue was "being investigated". Go Daddy has not responded. And the scam site is still up, collecting PayPal passwords.

Why hasn't anyone at either company spared the two minutes necessary to glance at the site, recognize that it's an obvious scam, and shut off its network connection?