March 26th, 2005


Hey, thanks to everybody for the nice comments about the sideways room. I was pretty surprised to see it become popular so fast. Just after i posted it there were comments for a few days, and then total silence for two weeks. Then a faint trickle of comments reappeared, and suddenly boom it had been Farked and my mailbox was exploding.

Sorry i can't reply to all the comments individually, but i'd like to say a couple of things:
  • A lot of folks have referred to this as "my" thing, but it was a joint effort. In my opinion, most of the best ideas (the trash bin, the drapes, the sock) were due to metamouse.
  • Most of the stuff has been taken down now, alas. (I have to actually live in this room, you know.) The trash bin and the chair are still on the wall, but the rest is gone.
  • To those who said they wanted to do something like this to their own rooms: go for it! And post pictures. Just be sure to affix everything securely so no one gets clobbered by falling furniture.
  • A few people asked if they could add me as a friend on LiveJournal. Sure, go ahead. Please don't be offended if i don't add you back right away, though, since i don't know most of you.
It's been a lot of fun seeing everyone's reaction to this. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and i hope i get more chances to do crazy creative stuff.