March 12th, 2005

To do: Everything.

I couldn't sleep last night because too many thoughts kept rushing through my brain as i lay alone in an enormous hotel bed. I'm in Austin at SXSW Interactive, and meeting all these hip people is making me think about the value of presenting oneself well and being connected and well-known.

I think it's time to start having a presence on the Web — partly to promote myself and my ideas, and partly just so things i've done are recorded and not lost.

There's so much to do.

I need a nicer-looking website. My site looks like ass and half the links don't work.

I want to write about MINSE and redeploy it. It needs to be a Firefox extension. MathML has had ten years, it has failed, and MINSE of ten years ago is still more functional and usable than the MathML of today. It's time to start promoting it. I'm not too fond of the name, though — acronyms are so dull. Maybe i'll change it to Ecky.

It's time to write and deploy Ftang. Today if i want instant deployment for a Web application my only choice is PHP, and PHP is hardly even a programming language. That needs to change.

I need to make myself some business cards so i have something to hand out at all these conferences i keep attending. After thinking about all these ideas i've realized what the business cards should say — simply "inventor". They should be useful inventions as well as just business cards. Maybe they can have measurement marks printed on them that tell you how much time there is left until sunset, or a table of logarithms, or something else useful.

I want to write a page of acknowledgements to all the people who have contributed to and changed my life. Some of them know they changed it; some of them don't; and some of them don't even know me at all.

I want to write about all my past projects and inventions, and make a timeline of them — dbar, the calendar invention, various modem games, Euclid, Tank6, VSRE, Mechanix, the Armada project, the Happiness Machine, Shodouka, MINSE, Crit, pydoc, auditors, peep, tht.

I need to send e-mail to someone at Apple who can fix the console font to restore it to my original design.

It's time to put up a decent website about election methods, especially now that large chunks of are gone. My recent 1-D and 2-D visualizations of voting outcomes have got to get posted online, and it's even more urgent now that IRV is gaining momentum.

It's time to put up a decent website about designing usable security systems.

It's long past time to write a decent introduction to capability-based security for computer science undergraduates. I've already broken that promise to myself a few times.

It's time to write that window manager extension for the Mac i've been meaning to write for ages — one that will shove windows onscreen when you need to get at parts of them that are off the edge of the screen. (Apple: please steal this idea so i don't have to write it! And while you're at it will you please default the Dock to the left side? When your windows all have scrollbars on the bottom and can only be resized by the bottom-right corner, putting the Dock on the bottom is inexcusable.)

It's time to get my e-mail discussion visualizer into a usable, deployable state, and into Mailman so all the discussion lists out there can have browsable archives.

It's time to write a post updating the situation with Microsoft PR and Bill Gates's continuing failure to correct his misleading statements onstage at Zellerbach Hall.

It's time to fix blogging software so backlinks just appear. I mean, come on, what's the big deal with trackback? You shouldn't have to have the referring party install a special feature to know they're linking to you — you already get clobbered over the head with the referring URL every bloody time someone follows the link, how much more obvious does it have to be?

It's time to build a simple comment system for documentation pages, so all the manuals and API pages out there (especially the Python documentation) can host discussions where people can write corrections and questions.

It's time to have a decent way to organize bookmarks. I shouldn't have to bring up a stupid dialog and choose a folder and click three or four times to save a bookmark. I want to drag it to the edge of the screen, have my personal concept map slide on, drop the link in a reasonable place or in an appropriate category, and have the concept map slide away.

It's time to start attending random classes at Berkeley. I've only got a couple of semesters left.

It's time to get serious about learning how to draw and how to play piano.

It's time for a new President of the United States.

It's also time to finish my thesis.
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What a bunch of geeks!

I'm at the opening party for SXSW Interactive, which features lots of digital art, mood lighting, drinks, belly dancers, a juggler, and a room for video games. A band sets up and starts playing loud funky music. What does the crowd do? Dance? Instead, half a dozen arms go up holding cameras and mobile phones, and people start snapping away. This is the new way an audience-creature shows its appreciation, i suppose — it raises a cloud of glowing, floating LCD screens overhead.

There are already over a thousand SXSW photos on Flickr, and it's only the first day. This conference is nuts. Smart and fun and creative... but nuts.

Usable security: a blog.

I'm making my first foray into the blogging world with a topic-oriented blog: It seems amazing to me that (a) i can't find any blogs out there about usability and security and (b) the domain name was still available. It's high time there was a place on the Web to have an open discussion about usable security.

Come join in! Let's get the ideas and arguments flowing.