July 16th, 2004

The FCC wants to hear from you.

Next week, on Wednesday July 21 in Monterey, from 6pm to 10pm, the FCC will be holding an open hearing to allow people to report how well TV and radio stations are serving local communities. This is an extremely rare opportunity to tell the FCC how you feel about the increasing consolidation of media ownership and its effect on how your needs are being served by local media.

If you can, try to be there. The FCC hears from broadcasters' lobbyists and lawyers every day. Help make sure they hear from the people.

There are only six hearings across the country. This one in Monterey will be the only hearing on the west coast. Find out more.

Prisoner solutions.

Here is a place to post and discuss your proposed solutions to the puzzle of the hundred prisoners. So, don't read the comments if you want to avoid seeing solutions. If you want to post a solution and keep looking for more solutions, you can post a comment without reading the other comments, and come back later to discuss and compare solutions. There are lots of different and interesting ways to solve the problem. In a day or so, i'll post the solutions i know.

(If you post without logging in, i hope you'll do me the favour of letting me know who you are. I'm curious.)