May 11th, 2004

Real news by real people.

I went to visit the Open Source Applications Foundation today in San Francisco. They're a non-profit started by Mitch Kapor, the founder of Lotus Corporation. I had some long discussions with their developers about Python, capability-based security, the Dean campaign, and online tools for democracy. It was interesting to switch among so many topics in just one morning.

Anyway, one of the people i talked to was heavily involved in the Dean campaign, from the inside. He worked with Joe Trippi and has a lot of respect for the man. He told me a bit about how they saw it from their perspective. As we were discussing online political activism, he told me about Oh My News, a collaborative online newspaper in Korea that is credited with heavily influencing the recent Korean presidential election. There are over 26000 registered citizen journalists on the site. It looks like Korea is way ahead of us in building an independent voice in news media.

Here's an article i saw at Oh My News today: This is Rumsfeld's "superb" performance.

If only this news were on the front page of every major newspaper in the United States.

I can only hope that Rumsfeld will drag Bush to the bottom of the ocean, as Bush foolishly and insanely chains himself to his incompetent secretary of defense. I can only hope that Bush's support for Rumsfeld's "superb" job in all the headlines today finally wakes up this nation's people and drives home just how delusional a president they have chosen.